Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week One

This is a first-time blog constructed as an assignment for a class called Learning Theories and Instruction. My particular interest is in library blogs.

I have found several blogs that relate to instructional design and technology application in libraries. To do this, I first looked at some sites that were recommended in the resource section of course materials, and then did a search on Google to locate more. I enjoyed reading the ones summarized below. Each offers a lot in its own way, whether related specifically to learning or not.

Disruptive Library Technology Jester: "We're disrupted, we're librarians, and we're not going to take it anymore," ( is written by a library technologist and focuses,naturally, on technology and library news. From the author's own description in the "about" section, this blog explores changes both large and small in the world as we know it. Recent posts include digital signatures, twitter, upcoming conferences, travel tips, and more. Material can be chosen by using a search box or by clicking on categories, tags, or date.

Creating the One-shot Library workshop. ( /workshopdesign/) This blog was set up to accompany a book by the same name by Jerilyn Veldof. The book teaches librarians how to use instructional design in creating workshops and provides tips and techniques. A sampling of posts: "Cut Down those Powerpoints," "Making Presentations TED Style," and "Gorilla Approaches to Instructional Design." There is no comment section, nor need for one, not a huge amount of content, and postings are infrequent; what is there is worth reading,though.

Lauren's Library Blog ( is written by Lauren Pressley, an Instructional Design Librarian at Wake Forrest. She discusses "libraries, education, information, & the Internet." Recent posts include "Winter (Web) Cleaning," and "My Library Roots and Routes." You can choose to view posts by topic from a category archive list, or by date from a calendar with links to the posts.

I hope to add additional blog descriptions to this site in the future.

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